Are you an enthusiastic and inspirational individual with experience in teaching and working with young children Aged 4 and above?

We at Madrasah Zeenatul Quran are looking for dynamic and enthusiastic male staff to join our highly respected and growing organisation to serve the educational needs of children. If you are interested in teaching at Madrasah Zeenatul Quran evening Madrasah based in Blackburn, then please fill in the form below.

The successful candidates will need to demonstrate a commitment towards the Madrasah’s vision and have the relevant skills and experience.

Hours of work

Monday to Friday 5 pm to 7 pm

What We Are Looking For:

Madrasah Teachers will have excellent knowledge of Quran and its rules of recitation and about Islam. You will be an inspirational role model in helping students learn Quran and Islamic Studies.

Essential Qualifications

The successful candidate must: -

Demonstrate competency in written and spoken English

Be able to teach recitation of Quran with Tajweed.

Be able to teach Islamic Studies (Fiqh/ Seerah/ Akhlaaq/ Taareekh) from the fixed Madrasah Curriculum.

Abide by the rules and regulations of Madrasah at all times.

Be willing to attend Child safeguarding and Child protection courses and all the trainings.

Understand importance of safeguarding and protecting children.

Agree to an enhanced DBS check.

Classroom management and organisation skills.

Creative and interactive nature with children.

Excellent communication skills

A flexible approach.

An understanding of the importance of MZQ for children

Working Partner


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