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Policies of Madrasah Zeenatul Quran



This form must be handed in with proof of age (Birth certificate or Passport). Once admission has been granted, £20 admission fee is payable, before your child starts Madrasah. Allocations of classes will be made by the principal.

Getting to Madrasah:

Parents are requested to pick up and drop off children on time.

All pupils are encouraged to come to the Madrasah by 4.55pm, so that lessons can start promptly at 5.00pm.

Madrasah Hours:

5.00pm - 7.00pm. Mon-Fri

Attendance + punctuality:

Pupils are expected to attend Madrasah everyday unless they have a valid reason i.e. illness, appointment etc. in which case the Madrasah must be informed by a letter or a phone call from the parents / guardian explaining the absence. All cases where the Madrasah in not informed of the reason of absence will be marked as un-authorised ab


All students have to keep attendance up to standard. This is extremely important for the progress of the student.

If going on holiday parents/guardian must fill in a holiday form collected from the office. In urgent circumstances leave can be granted at short notice.

All students must be collected by a parent/guardian and must provide a note if leaving early.

Any student that is absent must provide a letter of explanation the next day. Persistent absence will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.

Students are not allowed in the mosque later then 5.15pm without a letter signed by a parent/guardian.

Parents will be contacted regarding persistent lateness and absences.


Madrasah contributions are £6.25p a week (£25 a month) to be paid monthly by DIRECT DEBITS or £100 a term in advance (3 terms a year) or £300 a year in advance.

Uniform and Appearance:

All students are expected to be dressed in the Madrasah uniform at all times. It is advised that at least two pairs of uniform be kept.

The uniform consists of:

  1. A decent length black burqah (girls)
  2. A loose fitting, plain black jabbah. (girls) ( jabbah should not be an open fronted one, nor too short)
  3. Jabba/kafni, shalwar and topi. (boys)
  4. Sensible shoes & coat / jacket.

Any student not wearing uniform regularly may be sent home depending on circumstances at the time.

(Jeans must not be worn)

It is important that the uniform be kept clean, nails should be kept short and no nail varnish or make-up should be used.

Any jewellery with an exception of a wrist watch must not be worn.

Clothes and appearance should be according to the Sunnah.


Hair should be cut according to the Sunnah method, otherwise your child will be sent home.


Students must not bring any food, drink, sweets, chewing gum, crisps, toys etc to Madrasah. Jewellery, money, mobile phones, mp3 players should not be brought to Madrasah.

If a pupil is found with any of the prohibited items it will be confiscated. If a mobile is bought in, it must be handed into the class teacher and will be returned at home time.

Madrasah will not be held responsible for any valuables bought into the Madrasah.


In order to reinforce subject work taught at Madrasah, homework will be given on a daily basis. Homework will be noted in the homework diary, which is available from the Madrasah. Parents are requested to support and encourage their child to complete the work set.

Regular progress will be updated on Class Dojo.

The Principal shall reserve the right to change any child?s classes and Ustaad / Aapa from time to time as he sees appropriate.

All pupils will be taught by the Madrasah syllabus and no individual lessons will be given.


Students are required to display high standards of Islamic behavior amongst them selves. Even though physical punishment is not used at the Madrasah, pupils are encouraged to develop self discipline and an awareness of our creator (s.w.t.)

All decisions are taken by the principal (his decision is final). The use of foul language and bullying other students will not be tolerated.

Students must not graffiti on Madrasah property. If a child keeps coming late, misbehaves or doesn?t learn their sabak the principal will have the right to give them detention.

You will be informed 24 hours in advance if your child is to receive detention.

To insult the staff of Madrasah will be judged as inexcusable and any student found guilty of such behaviour will be liable for dismissal.

Where there are difficulties in behaviour the pupil will be reprimanded appropriately, however if the behaviour is persistent or if it is of a serious nature the principal may contact the parents / guardian to discuss the matter and the student may be suspended

A suspended student will only be taken back on condition that he/she does not break any Madrasah rules, if the behaviour persists the student unfortunately may have to be expelled with no reference.

Madrasah reserves the right to expel any student when it seems necessary. Any one expelled will have no legal remedy against the Madrasah.

Any child expelled from Madrasah will have no legal remedy against the Madrasah.


Exams will take place twice a year. Parents evening will be kept after the midyear exams. Reports and results will be sent after final exams. Please do not request separate exams for your child.

Any queries/ complaints regarding Madrasah must be made in person to the Principal of the Madrasah Moulana Faruk Sahib.

The Madrasah committee have the right to change or add rules and regulations as they see appropriate from time to time. Rules and regulations will be accepted according to the latest version. Parents will be notified of such changes.

The conditions regarding Madrasah rules may be altered if and when required in order for the Madrasah to fulfil its aim in providing high standard Islamic education for its students in a safe and friendly environment.


  1. The information I have given on this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my application will be disqualified if I have knowingly given false information.
  2. I have read or had explained to me and understand all the rules and regulations on the form.
  3. I have read and accept to follow all the rules and regulations of Madrasah Zeenatul-Quran.
  4. All these and any future regulations will have to be adhered to fully.
  5. I agree NOT to approach or intimidate any member of staff directly.
  6. I agree to pay fees by direct debit or standing order.
  7. If any of the above rules are broken I understand my child will lose his/her place.
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